Dog Care – Spoil Your Furry Best Friend!

Dog Care – Feb 20th is National Pet Month and we have a few fantastic ideas for spoil your best friend this month!

Dog Care to Minimize Shedding

Dog Care
Dog Care

Caring for your dog’s fur and nails is not only important for your pets health and well being, but it also helps to eliminate odor and reduce hair loss around your home! The Automatic Hair Shedding Remover gently removes up to 90% of the shed hair without harming your dog’s skin! Catching this shed hair before it falls means less hair on your carpet, furniture and clothes as well! Massaging gloves are another option for helping to control shedding and can provide a nice, relaxing treat for your pet at the same time! Shop: Pet Grooming BrushPet Grooming Glove

Tooth Care

Oral hygiene is very important to dogs! The bacteria in plaque can enter the bloodstream and spread your pets organs, causing organ damage and making them sick! Dog treats with teeth cleaning benefits are a great choice as are specially designed chew toys that gently scrub away plaque as they chew! Shop These Toys: Toothbrush Chew Toy, Rubber Tooth Cleaning Ball, Pet Toothbrush

Exploring Outdoors

Even indoor dogs love to get outside and explore! A little bit of pre-planning can ensure your outdoor adventures with your pet are both safe and enjoyable! If you find that you tend to walk your dog in the early morning or late evening when lighting is not at the best, an LED Anti-loss Dog Collar or Reflective Dog Harness are a wise choice, ensuring that you, and those around you (including driving by) can easily spot your pet! Shop These Safety Items: LED Dog Collar, Reflective Dog Vest

Dog Care

Preparing for seasonal conditions is also important. In the winter months, a sporty dog jacket will help keep your pet warm on longer adventures. Of course, hydration can be another issue in any season, but especially in warm months. This portable pet water bottle is a must have for outdoor adventures with your dog! Shop: Sporty Dog Jacket, Portable Dog Water Bottle

Dog Care

At Home

Having a spot of their own at home is a nice treat for any dog, be it a whimsical pet tent or a cozy plush (and WASHABLE!) pet bed! Shop These Dog Beds: Super Soft Plush Bed, Pet Tent

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