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2022 Trend Watch: Going Green

2022 Trend Watch: Going Green

With the growing trend towards natural decor choices, bringing the outdoors inside, it’s no surprise that many companies choose various shades of Green as their Color of the Year this year! From Sherwin-Williams’ earthy Evergreen Fog to Benjamin Moore’s gentle sage October Mist or Behr’s silvery green Breezway, greens where a go to choice for many paint experts this year.

Not ready to paint your walls green? You can incorporate this trendy color into your home with faux or real plants and tastefully selected green decor pieces. Here are some of our favorites at ShopCHT!

Add color and texture with these geometric cushion covers with raised detailing! Available in a variety of styles, these are perfect for adding a trendy touch of green on a budget.

Leaf prints are a trendy way to add green into your space. The oversized leaf print on these drapes creates a stunning WOW statement in any space! Available in thick chenille or tulle so you can decide how much light you want to let in!

This simple, Scandinavian style lamp combines a soft green with wood details for a truly nature inspired look. This piece is perfect for adding a touch of green to your home office or side table!

Hop out of bed into this soft, non-slip rug in a earthy shade of green! Perfect for a bedroom or as a small accent rug wherever you need a pop of green!

The soft mint green color of these copper accented vases reminds us of seaglass. They are a great choice if you prefer a more subtle hint of color and would look fantastic in a cottage or a shabby chic setting.

For a bolder green, these retro smoked glass bottles are a stunning choice! They work well in any setting, from a contemporary condo to a rustic cottage.

Love the leaf print look? With 25 different styles available, this collection of leaf print pillow covers is the perfect way to bring that print into your living room or bedroom!

Available in a variety of colors including green, these adorable tabletop plant pots are perfect for housing small plants or succulents. The marbled look gives them a very elegant presence in any space.

Have a little fun with green in your kitchen! This 7 piece kitchen set includes all your favorites and features rose gold and a pretty mint green that will bring a smile to your face every day!

We love this soft sage green combined with a bold navy wall and leather headboard! Easy to clean and affordable, this beautiful linen set is begging to be curled up in with a good book!

For a truly luxurious feel, this velvet duvet cover set is perfect! Available in two different shades of green to suit your style, this machine washable set is soft and inviting.

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Trend Watch: Urban Jungle

Trend Watch: Urban Jungle

We’ve all spent the last year and a half juggling an every changing environment and spending more time at home than ever before. It’s not surprising that, as the 2022 trend predictions begin to emerge, we are seeing this reflected in the trends coming into play. Many of these trends reflect our design to create a cozy, more welcoming home environment and bring nature indoors with us as well. Urban Jungle is one such trend, seeing homeowners looking for ways to add plants and greenery into their homes with houseplants, green colors and plant-inspired patterns!

Photo Source

While living plants are the key to this design style (According to HGTV, faux houseplants are out for 2022!) – if you don’t have the time to maintain a wide selection of living plants, mixing living plants with textiles and accessories in bold plant inspired patterns is a great way to achieve this look without the maintenance!

Image Source

If you’re looking to embrace more greenery in your home, here are some of our favorite ideas!

Leaf print curtains are a great way to add a bold green flair to your space! We love these designer leaf print draperies available in a chenille for light control or sheer tulle to allow more light to filter threw if you prefer!

This tropical leaf print duvet set is a great way to give your bedroom the feeling of a tropical outdoor paradise! Paid with soft, oceany blues as seen here for an airy, modern look or with deep browns for a more traditional, dramatic look!

Not everything in your Urban Jungle needs to be green! This gold leaf sculpture is a great way to bring in a nature-inspired shape with a touch of modern luxury! We think this would look stunning mixed in with a few potted plants as well!

Throw pillows are always a great (and affordable) way to bring current trends into your space! Simply slip these pillow covers over your existing throw pillows and remove later on when you’re ready for a new look!

Better Plant Displays

Love your houseplants? You’re not alone! Houseplants have become a popular hobby over the past year, leaving many of us looking for stylish ways to incorporate more houseplants into our decor! Here are a few great ideas to get you started!

Seagrass baskets create a natural, classic look that works with almost any design style and they are perfect for hiding basic, boring plant pots as well!

Macrame has made a comeback – with a wide variety of macrame plant holders in modern styles available that allow you to suspend pots from the wall or ceiling, freeing up shelf and floor space!

Plants as art! Decorative wall planters are a great way to use vertical space for your plants and create an artistic feature at the same time! See all of our planters and pots here.

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A Mid-Summer’s Night Dream Bedroom

A Mid-Summer's Night Dream Bedroom

The inspiration for this bedroom design concept is a whimsical “Mid-Summer’s Night Dream” with a rustic, industrial touch. I wanted to create the feeling that you were curling up in a magical forest, but with a modern edge!

Crisp white walls with a grey washed wood-clad focal wall contrast with the dark, moody flooring to create the base for this room. A gorgeous custom bed mixes the natural look of wood with the industrial feel of steel to bring a modern edge to the room. A simple black night table maintains the modern feel while allowing the bed to remain the star of the space.

Greenery is what really brings this space to life! Curtains in a plant pattern fabric add a punch of natural color to the decor while potted plants, both real and faux, in a variety of sizes, carry that magical forest feel through-out the room.


  • Wall Clock, Curtain Panels, ShopCHT
  • Bed, Grain & Burl
  • Nightstand, IKEA
  • Chair, Moe’s Home Collection
  • Lamp, Living Lighting
  • Rug, Lowes
  • Monstera, Wes Elm
  • Black and White Planter, Common House Studio
  • Flooring, Wall Cladding, Peerani’s Flooring


Green Leaf Chenille Curtains

Iron Cube Wall Clock

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Staff Favorites for July: Nautical Finds

Staff Favorites for July: Nautical Finds

Our staff picks for July are all about bringing the feeling of summer into your home. It is no surprise that these beautiful, nautical pieces made this month’s list!


These cute, nautical hampers are made of a linen/cotton blend and the waterproof material makes them perfect for a boathouse, cottage or a child’s bedroom!


This trendy, nautical scarf is made of a super soft cotton fabric making it very comfortable. This piece would be a great way to dress up a little black dress for any fun summer event!


This non-slip, easy care bath mat adds the perfect touch to any ocean theme, nautical bathroom décor! It’s dark blue design is trendy and fashionable and will take your bathroom theme to the next level!


These trendy, high quality buoys would look great in any boat house or ocean themed room. They come in many sizes and 2 bold color’s! These nautical buoys will make your guests feel like they stepped into a beautiful themed hotel!


These beautiful and unique pillow covers are made of a high-quality, natural, cotton-linen blend. They would look amazing in an ocean themed living room or boathouse, and would really step up your décor game!

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7 Fabulous Desk Lamps for Your Home Office

7 Fabulous Desk Lamps for Your Home Office

With home offices becoming a more common work space for many, great lighting is key to ensuring your space is usable and productive! Desk lighting can also be stylish, adding a pop of color, a touch of whimsy or a hint of modern elegance to your decor! Here are some of our favorite options for desk lighting that is functional, pretty and in some cases, even portable!

Available in 8 different configurations, you can select the size and style that best suits your desk with this beautiful, gold-finished, modern minimalist style iron desk lamp. This lamp is simple and elegant, acting both as a functional desk lamp but also as a sculptural art piece!

If you love the Art Deco style, this gorgeous desk lamp comes in 5 modern matte finishes including black, white, grey, pink and army green to suit any home office. The adjustable lamp head allows you to direct the light as needed.

Available in brushed brass, nickel, matte white or matte black, this simple, sleek LED desk lamp offers a sophisticated yet unobtrusive touch of modern elegance to your home office!

This chic little desk lamp offers a simple, Scandinavian style in 5 gorgeous colors, including green, pink, yellow, black and white. This LED lamp with offers a great deal of flexibility with the option to choose between Warm White, Cool White and Natural White light settings to suit your needs. The adjustable arm allows you to direct light where it’s needed as well.

Available in your choice of white or black, this sleek folding desk lamp offers the flexibility of a moveable light source, USB charging and stepless dimming. As an added bonus, the lamp is designed with a front lip that can act as a holder for most smartphones, allowing for hands free video calling, video watching and more!

This little desk lamp offers more style and function that it’s small, sleek size would indicate! The bottom arm offers 90 degrees of adjust-ability with a 180 degree swivel option and the top arm offers 225 degree adjust-ability so you can direct light however you wish with ease! It’s small, sleek design allows it to be easily moved out of the way when not in use. You can also select the Stepless Dimmable option which allows you to easily control the level of light for even more flexibility!

Have a little fun! This whimsical bunny ear desk lamp is a great way to add a little personality to your home office! Available in copper, white, black or pink, this fun desk lamp is fully adjustable to added flexibility as well!

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Yellow & Gray Home Office Inspiration

Yellow & Gray Home Office Inspiration

Home Office Inspiration – Yellow is a bright, energetic color that is often associated with optimism and creativity, making it a great choice for a home office or den where creativity and high energy are desired. Gray, on the other hand, is a very calming and modern color. Pairing the two together creates a space that feels modern and fresh and full of energy without becoming overwhelming!

The base for this room starts with a modern light-colored wood floor and a pale grey wall that provide a bright and airy backdrop for a statement-making dark stone fireplace. The multi-colored stone veneer offers visual detail and texture to the space. I love the variety of colors in the stone – it would be easy to update the room to a different color scheme simply by pulling a different color from the stone!

Home Office Inspiration

For furniture, I selected neutral colors with warm wood details and a touch of black. These pieces are flexible enough to allow you to easily update the look in the future simply by changing out the accessories. The warm wood finishes bring a cozy, nature-inspired feel to the space while the black details help to ground the space.

To bring in the energetic pop of color, I selected a desk lamp, curtain panels, artwork and throw pillows that have a touch of yellow in each, helping to carry the color through-out the room without overwhelming the space.

Home Office Inspiration Sources:


Geometric Cushion Covers

Modern Floral Posters

Yellow & Gray Linen Blackout Curtains

Modern Deck Lamp – available in a variety of stunning colors!

Black & White Designer Area Rug

Children & Family Home & Decor

Everything’s Coming Up Rainbow!

Everything's Coming Up Rainbow!

A rainbow can signify many things including hope and the promise of better things to come, second chances, love, peace, acceptance, equality and more. Whether they are just a decorative touch or have a personal meaning to you – they are a beautiful, colorful feature in any space but especially in the child’s nursery or playroom! Here are some of our favorite ways to add rainbow touches to your child’s room!

rainbow dream catcher

In some First Nations cultures, a dream catcher wsa hung over a baby’s cradle for protection. This rainbow dream catcher adds a whimsical pop of color to any space and fits in perfect with bright, colors children’s toys and furniture! Find this dream catcher here.

rainbow blocks

Bold colors are a great choice for these educational, stackable children’s toys! These toys allow children to learn about shapes, sizes and color while exercising fine motor skills and problem solving skills as well. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these traditional 3D wooden toys offer hours and hours of stackable fun for little ones! Find these 3D Wooden Stacking Toys here.

monochromatic rainbow

These macrame pieces bring a lovely touch of whimsy into your child’s decor. Available in a wide range of colors, from traditional rainbow colors to monochromatic modern color palettes, there is a version that is perfect for any decor style! See all the color options here.

rainbow bathmat

Add a bit of extra fun to bath time with a bright, rainbow bath mat! Completely washable, this anti-slip bathroom offers a cozy, safe exit at the end of bath time! Find it here.

rainbow bath bomb

Why should the little ones get all the fun? Add a bit of color and a lot of relaxation to your busy day with this fantastic rainbow cloud bath bomb! After all, you spend your day taking care of everyone else – you deserve a little something extra just for you! Find the rainbow cloud bath bomb here.

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Designer Nursery Decor

Designer Nursery Decor

Designer Nursery Decor – Calming soft rosy glow and warm wood tones of this nursery are a cheery and calming nursery oasis for both mommy and baby! Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Colour of the Year, First Light 2102-70 is the perfect color for walls along with Cole and Son’s Whimsical Star wallpaper with a hint a gold for a subtle shimmer. We accented the blush hues with classic white furniture, touches of grey and woven wicker.

Nursery Decor for Sleeping Baby function is essential in this space; we would recommend a generous dresser for baby changes (see here, not pictured), a comfortable rocker for late-night feedings, a bookcase for toys and story time and a wood play gym for floor play.

Design Concept by Designer Jillian Straky, Housewears for Canadian Home Trends Magazine


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Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Karla Dreyer

Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Karla Dreyer

Minimalist Bedroom Decor – The hand woven round rug was the jumping off point for this bedroom design concept. It has a bohemian vibe that I wanted to play with but I also wanted to add in more minimalistic items to offset it. The bed has such an interesting shape and design so it was my first choice. From there, I went with a wall mounted light as it’s a great option for bedrooms instead of a bedside lamp. For the art, I choose a minimal piece that adds interest and form to the space. The side table is another unique and sculptural piece. For bedding, I selected beautiful linen that works with the relaxed look of the rug. Finally, I finished it off with texture in the chair and basket. Both these pieces play on the idea of a bohemian and minimal look that’s timeless and inviting.

Minimalist Bedroom Decor Concept by Karla Dreyer


Minimalist Bedroom Decor

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