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4 Fun Ideas for Easter Decorating

4 Fun Ideas for Easter Decorating
easter decorating

Easter DecoratingKeep It Classy

When designing a holiday table scape, it can be very easy to go overboard and end up with a look that is more tacky than classy. Choosing simple pieces and colors, with just a few themed touches is the best way to keep the look classy. Simple white plates offer an elegant look that still feels seasonal with it’s pastel blue trim. Top your everyday plates with a white napkin and a themed napkin ring for a gorgeous place setting! You can find these bunny ear napkin rings here.

easter decorating

A Touch of Whimsy

While classy is the overall goal, a touch of whimsy adds a unique feel to any space. This adorable pair of bunnies offers a subtle color palette with touches of gold for an elegant yet fun addition to your Easter decor! Find them here. (PS – We also love the simple napkin with twine and glass bowls with color coordinated Easter eggs! Great ideas for your Easter table!)

Easter Gnomes are another fun way to bring a touch of whimsy into a space. These gnomes feature a modern, Scandinavian design while still adding a bit of fun and color into your space! You can find them here.

easter decorating

Glam Up Your Easter Egg Hunt

Add a bit of sparkle to your Easter egg hunt this year with Easter baskets adorned with adorable sequin bunny rabbits. These adorable baskets are available in a variety of colors and make a great gift basket for Easter treats as well! Find them on ShopCHT!

easter decorating

Welcoming Statement

Bring a touch of spring to your front door and greet guests in style with a lovely Easter wreath! A mix of pale pastel colors and a variety of greens give this wreath a “spring meadow” feel! Find it here.

Children & Family Home & Decor

Everything’s Coming Up Rainbow!

Everything's Coming Up Rainbow!

A rainbow can signify many things including hope and the promise of better things to come, second chances, love, peace, acceptance, equality and more. Whether they are just a decorative touch or have a personal meaning to you – they are a beautiful, colorful feature in any space but especially in the child’s nursery or playroom! Here are some of our favorite ways to add rainbow touches to your child’s room!

rainbow dream catcher

In some First Nations cultures, a dream catcher wsa hung over a baby’s cradle for protection. This rainbow dream catcher adds a whimsical pop of color to any space and fits in perfect with bright, colors children’s toys and furniture! Find this dream catcher here.

rainbow blocks

Bold colors are a great choice for these educational, stackable children’s toys! These toys allow children to learn about shapes, sizes and color while exercising fine motor skills and problem solving skills as well. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these traditional 3D wooden toys offer hours and hours of stackable fun for little ones! Find these 3D Wooden Stacking Toys here.

monochromatic rainbow

These macrame pieces bring a lovely touch of whimsy into your child’s decor. Available in a wide range of colors, from traditional rainbow colors to monochromatic modern color palettes, there is a version that is perfect for any decor style! See all the color options here.

rainbow bathmat

Add a bit of extra fun to bath time with a bright, rainbow bath mat! Completely washable, this anti-slip bathroom offers a cozy, safe exit at the end of bath time! Find it here.

rainbow bath bomb

Why should the little ones get all the fun? Add a bit of color and a lot of relaxation to your busy day with this fantastic rainbow cloud bath bomb! After all, you spend your day taking care of everyone else – you deserve a little something extra just for you! Find the rainbow cloud bath bomb here.


Dog Care – Spoil Your Furry Best Friend!

Dog Care - Spoil Your Furry Best Friend!

Dog Care – Feb 20th is National Pet Month and we have a few fantastic ideas for spoil your best friend this month!

Dog Care to Minimize Shedding

Dog Care
Dog Care

Caring for your dog’s fur and nails is not only important for your pets health and well being, but it also helps to eliminate odor and reduce hair loss around your home! The Automatic Hair Shedding Remover gently removes up to 90% of the shed hair without harming your dog’s skin! Catching this shed hair before it falls means less hair on your carpet, furniture and clothes as well! Massaging gloves are another option for helping to control shedding and can provide a nice, relaxing treat for your pet at the same time! Shop: Pet Grooming BrushPet Grooming Glove

Tooth Care

Oral hygiene is very important to dogs! The bacteria in plaque can enter the bloodstream and spread your pets organs, causing organ damage and making them sick! Dog treats with teeth cleaning benefits are a great choice as are specially designed chew toys that gently scrub away plaque as they chew! Shop These Toys: Toothbrush Chew Toy, Rubber Tooth Cleaning Ball, Pet Toothbrush

Exploring Outdoors

Even indoor dogs love to get outside and explore! A little bit of pre-planning can ensure your outdoor adventures with your pet are both safe and enjoyable! If you find that you tend to walk your dog in the early morning or late evening when lighting is not at the best, an LED Anti-loss Dog Collar or Reflective Dog Harness are a wise choice, ensuring that you, and those around you (including driving by) can easily spot your pet! Shop These Safety Items: LED Dog Collar, Reflective Dog Vest

Dog Care

Preparing for seasonal conditions is also important. In the winter months, a sporty dog jacket will help keep your pet warm on longer adventures. Of course, hydration can be another issue in any season, but especially in warm months. This portable pet water bottle is a must have for outdoor adventures with your dog! Shop: Sporty Dog Jacket, Portable Dog Water Bottle

Dog Care

At Home

Having a spot of their own at home is a nice treat for any dog, be it a whimsical pet tent or a cozy plush (and WASHABLE!) pet bed! Shop These Dog Beds: Super Soft Plush Bed, Pet Tent

Health & Fitness

Creative Ideas for Your Home Workout

Creative Ideas for Your Home Workout

Home Workout – Working out when you’re stuck at home or when you’re traveling away from your home gym can be frustrating. Maintaining your daily fitness routine is important both for your physical and mental health! The good news is that, with a few simple tools, working out at home or on the go doesn’t have to be hard at all!

Shop Resistance Bands

What is our biggest home workout must have? Resistance bands! Resistance bands take up very little space in your home, or in your suitcase (and weigh very little as well!). There is a vast variety of resistance band exercises you go try that will work out any part of your body. A quick internet search will help you put together a complete workout in no time at all!

Shop Water-filled Dumbbells

Bringing dumb bell weights with you anywhere is pretty much impossible. They are heavy and awkward to luge around. Introducing: water filled weights! These inflatable weights are filled with water to reach your target weigh and then emptied when you’re done! These are a great choice if you have limited storage space or if you travel frequently and want something you can easily tug in your suitcase and go!

Shop Durable Balance Boards

Body weight exercises, meaning exercises that don’t use any equipment, are a great way to start for beginners but if you are no longer a beginner and need something a little more challenging, adding a balance board to your body weight exercises is a great choice. A balance board can be used for balance and muscle training, helping to strengthen and stabilize your ankles, knees, core and shoulders. This durable balance board is lightweight, making it easy to carry and store between workouts!

Shop Abdominal Wheels

If you’re looking for a serious core workout that’s a little more challenging? An abdominal wheel, when used correctly, can be a great tool for home workouts! It is important to ensure you are completing the moves correctly in order to strength rather then harm. Men’s Health shares 3 great exercises you can do with the abdominal wheel and shows you how to do them correctly as part of your home workout here!

Shop Adjustable Kettlebell Handles

When it comes to creating a home workout and finding the right equipment, pieces that can have multiple uses, take up less space or make use of equipment you already have are a great choice. This Adjustable Kettlebell Handle is a great example. Using weight plates you already have, you can adjust the weight to your desired weight quickly and easily – without having to store kettlebells in multiple weights!

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Creating a Valentine’s Day Menu for Two

Creating a Valentine's Day Menu for Two

Planning a Valentine’s Day Menu for two? Here are some of our favorite ideas for a delicious, memorable meals all day long! (Find the heart garland shown above here.)

Breakfast for Lovers

Shop this idea: Silicone Heart Waffle Mold, Egg Molds, Love Note Spoons

Start your day off right with a romantic breakfast for two featuring your favorite foods! Heart shaped eggs or waffles add a whimsical touch of romance to your breakfast plate. Try one of these delicious waffle recipes. For an extra special touch, add an adorable message spoon to your loved one’s place setting!

Valentine’s Day Sushi for Two

Valentine's Day

Shop this idea: Sushi Making Kit

Make Valentine’s Day supper a fun activity in itself with a Sushi Making Kit! It’s always fun to try new things together and this kit makes it easy to create your own perfect sushi. There is even a heart shaped mold for an extra romantic touch!

Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert

Shop this idea: Valentine’s Day Cake Picks, Cake Stand, Icing Scraper/Smoother

Finish your dinner with a gorgeous home made cake! Decorating a cake doesn’t have to be difficult! Simply use a cake scraper/smoother to create a professional looking finish and then add cake picks for a decorative touch! Don’t forget a pretty cake stand! Try this recipe from The Food Networks’ Harry Eastwood for a delicious Light Chocolate Cake!

Strawberry Treats

Valentine's Day

Chocolate covered strawberries scream romance and they are so easy to create. For an extra touch, remove the stem and core of each strawberry and use a silicone piping bag to fill each with a dollop of whipped cream before or after dipping!

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Creating the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

Creating the Perfect Valentine's Day Date Night at Home

Get This Red Heart Garland Here!

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, many of us are looking for safe and romantic ways to make the day special. We spend a lot of time at home right now, so a date night at home might not seem all that exciting. Fortunately, with a little creative planning, you can turn “another night at home” into a romantic evening full of precious memories you and your loved one will cherish for many years to come!

Set the Stage for Date Night at Home

Shop These Ideas: Valentine’s Day Gnomes, Love Sign, I Love You Banner, Shop all Valentine’s Day

Turn your home into a romantic destination for two. There are a few ideas we love to help set the stage for Valentine’s Day date night at home:

  • Dim the lights and light some candles
  • Create a playlist of your favorite love songs
  • Use hearts to add a touch of whimsy: a heart backdrop, heart pillows or heart shaped dishware add a romantic touch

Build Anticipation for Date Night at Home

Get your loved one in the mood to celebrate by finding fun ways to celebrate the day all day long. Leave little love notes in places they will find them through-out the day, building up excitement leading up to your Valentine’s Day date night at home!

Memorable Meal

Shop these ideas: Valentine’s Day Cake Picks, Gold Edge Serving Dishes, Ceramic Heart Mini Plates, Shop all Valentine’s Day

Plan a menu that includes both of your favorite dishes. Set the table with your favorite linens and china and serve your meal in heart shaped dinnerware for an extra romantic touch! No time to cook? That’s okay – we all get busy! Order take out from your favorite restaurant and serve it in your best dinnerware for an elegant feel!

Get Your Cuddle On

Shop these ideas: Hoodie Blanket, Faux Fur Heart Pillow, Shop all Valentine’s Day

Finish your day by snuggling up with your loved one and enjoying a favorite movie, board game or just some wonderful conversation! Create the perfect spot to encourage cuddling with cozy oversized his and her sweaters, fuzzy pillows and cozy throw blankets!

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Designer Nursery Decor

Designer Nursery Decor

Designer Nursery Decor – Calming soft rosy glow and warm wood tones of this nursery are a cheery and calming nursery oasis for both mommy and baby! Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Colour of the Year, First Light 2102-70 is the perfect color for walls along with Cole and Son’s Whimsical Star wallpaper with a hint a gold for a subtle shimmer. We accented the blush hues with classic white furniture, touches of grey and woven wicker.

Nursery Decor for Sleeping Baby function is essential in this space; we would recommend a generous dresser for baby changes (see here, not pictured), a comfortable rocker for late-night feedings, a bookcase for toys and story time and a wood play gym for floor play.

Design Concept by Designer Jillian Straky, Housewears for Canadian Home Trends Magazine


Home & Decor

Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Karla Dreyer

Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Karla Dreyer

Minimalist Bedroom Decor – The hand woven round rug was the jumping off point for this bedroom design concept. It has a bohemian vibe that I wanted to play with but I also wanted to add in more minimalistic items to offset it. The bed has such an interesting shape and design so it was my first choice. From there, I went with a wall mounted light as it’s a great option for bedrooms instead of a bedside lamp. For the art, I choose a minimal piece that adds interest and form to the space. The side table is another unique and sculptural piece. For bedding, I selected beautiful linen that works with the relaxed look of the rug. Finally, I finished it off with texture in the chair and basket. Both these pieces play on the idea of a bohemian and minimal look that’s timeless and inviting.

Minimalist Bedroom Decor Concept by Karla Dreyer


Minimalist Bedroom Decor

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