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Staff Favorites for July: Nautical Finds

Staff Favorites for July: Nautical Finds

Our staff picks for July are all about bringing the feeling of summer into your home. It is no surprise that these beautiful, nautical pieces made this month’s list!


These cute, nautical hampers are made of a linen/cotton blend and the waterproof material makes them perfect for a boathouse, cottage or a child’s bedroom!


This trendy, nautical scarf is made of a super soft cotton fabric making it very comfortable. This piece would be a great way to dress up a little black dress for any fun summer event!


This non-slip, easy care bath mat adds the perfect touch to any ocean theme, nautical bathroom décor! It’s dark blue design is trendy and fashionable and will take your bathroom theme to the next level!


These trendy, high quality buoys would look great in any boat house or ocean themed room. They come in many sizes and 2 bold color’s! These nautical buoys will make your guests feel like they stepped into a beautiful themed hotel!


These beautiful and unique pillow covers are made of a high-quality, natural, cotton-linen blend. They would look amazing in an ocean themed living room or boathouse, and would really step up your décor game!

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Staff Favorites for June: Summer Living

Staff Favorites for June: Summer Living

June has arrived – and with it comes the anticipation of sunny afternoons by the pool, cozy evenings around the fire and hours of outdoor enjoyment for all ages! For June, our staff have selected some of their favorites for summer living!


If you have a small space, container gardening is a great way to bring the joy of gardening into your space! These handmade seagrass baskets are a great way to hide ugly planters and they could be used indoors as well!


Another fantastic piece that you could use indoors or outdoors – simplify the watering process with whimsical glass self-water pieces in the shape of a bird, swan, beetle or snail! Love them all? Mix and match for a fun detail!


Create stunning concrete pathways or even a patio area with this high-quality, reusable mold! Available in 3 different styles, you can customize your pathways and patio areas to suit your own personal style with ease!


Up your outdoor cooking game this summer with this simple yet brilliant tool that will turn any BBQ into a smoker! Simply add your favorite pellets to the tube, place on your grill and enjoy delicious smoked flavor!


If you love tea, hot or cold – you need this gorgeous tea infuser tumbler! The two piece tumbler lets you infuse leaf tea or herbal tea on the go, and comes with a stylish carrying case so it’s easy to take along on all your summer adventures!


For pet owners who want to be able to take their furry friends with them on the go this summer, this pet water bottle is a lifesaver! The bottle carries water and slides open to reveal a built in water bowl, making it easy to keep your pet hydrated on the go!


Laundry may not seem like a summer topic, but anyone who’s ever owned a pool or spent a weekend at the beach can tell you that laundry IS a big deal! This pretty, lightweight cotton laundry hamper is a great addition to your pool deck, providing an easy spot to deposit dirty towels after use. Simple pick up the basket at the end of the day and carry it in to the laundry room! Heading to the beach? Fill the hamper with clean beach towels and beach blankets. At the end of the day, all the wet and dirty items come back in the hamper, ready to head straight to the laundry room!


Stuck inside? Bring a bit of summer in with you with this tabletop terrarium! Nothing makes a home feel summery like live plants and rustic wood accents!


Of course, summer isn’t just for the adults. We can’t forget our little ones! Encourage your little ones to spend more time outdoors with a selection of special toys just for outdoor play, like this remote control excavator!


Not only are these serving trays absolutely gorgeous but they come in a variety of sizes and can be mixed and matched as you see fit! With easy carry handles, these are a stylish way to serve up small snacks poolside or condiments at the patio table!

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Staff Favorites for May: Part 2

Staff Favorites for May: Part 2

Each month, we have our staff select a few of their current favorites from ShopCHT to bring you a curated selection of products that are pretty and practical! Last week, I shared the first half of our May selection, with a focus on plants and gardening and this week we have the second half of our curated selection for May!

LED Folding Desk Lamp: As an avid crafter and maker, I love this lamp for extra light! The simply style and shape is perfect for any decor and the color choices are adorable! – Mandy

Hammock Chair: This chair is functional and adorable! It can match almost any decor and could be used indoors or outdoors! – Micheline

Hanging Shelves: Hanging shelves are perfect in any space, big or small. For those who rent, it’s nice to have pictures and decor pieces on display without making a hole for every frame.- Micheline

Portable Projection Screen: This year, we’re all looking for fun new ways to enjoy time spend at home after months and months of staring at the same four walls! I love the idea of a portable screen that I can take to the campsite or set up right in my own backyard for a fun movie night! – Crystal

Professional Meat Tenderizer Needle: This a must have for BBQ season! It’s an easy way to prepare your favorite cuts of meat for the grill. – Micheline

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Staff Favorites: Plants & Gardening!

Staff Favorites: Plants & Gardening!

When asked to help select the curated selection of staff favorites for May, you can tell that the upcoming gardening season is on everyone’s mind! Here are some of our staff favorites of plants and gardening this month!

Handmade Macrame Plant Pot Holders: Growing houseplants is a passion of mine, but I also have a toddler and a few pets running around the home. These are the perfect solution to keep plants out of reach and the macrame look is on trend right now as well! I love that there is a variety of styles available so I was able to pick and choose the ones that worked best for my home! – Alyssa

Smart Plant Monitor: It seems like there is an app or automatic system for just about everything and now, there is one for your plants to! I love how simple and easy this makes it to keep on top of plant care, especially if you have a lot of plants like I do! – Alyssa

Vertical Wall Gardens: I love the idea of Vertical Gardening! I do have a fairly decent back yard for a city lot but I also have a busy family and young grandchildren so I don’t want to use up all of my yard space for gardening. Using wall space or space along the fence leaves the rest of my yard open for gathering and playing! – Crystal

Silicone Molds for Cement Pots: I love a good DIY project – and these silicone molds are so versatile! I’m currently obsessed with succulents and I love these silicone molds for creating my own unique planters but they could also be used to create custom candles, a little office desk organize and more! – Mandy

Potato Grow Bags: I love potatoes. My kids love potatoes. But the majority of my garden consists of planter boxes and pots so potatoes aren’t on the agenda, until now! I actually order a few of these for myself last fall and I am looking forward to giving them a try this summer and growing my own potatoes right on my back deck! – Crystal

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New from ShopCHT: Staff Favorites!

New from ShopCHT: Staff Favorites!

Want to know what we’re loving right now? Starting this month, the staff at Canadian Home Trends Magazine, The Marc & Mandy Show and ShopCHT will be selecting some of their current favorites from ShopCHT – bringing you a much loved, curated collection of products worth looking at!

Staff Favorites for April 2021

New to ShopCHT this month, these gorgeous cushion covers will bring amazing color and texture to your home or outdoor living space! In fact, our Associate Design Editor, Crystal Williams recently featured them in an outdoor decor concept for the Cottage & Outdoor Living Issue of Canadian Home Trends Magazine! (Download a copy free by clicking here!)

This stunning, modern LED fixture was inspired by the flow of music notes. Marc, Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Home Trends Magazine selected this as his favorite because he said it reminded him of his wife, Mandy (co-host of the Marc & Mandy Show) and her love for music!

We’ve recently launched an expanded selection of draperies here at ShopCHT. Draperies are making a comeback in modern spaces, adding a soft texture and occasionally a pop of color and pattern to otherwise neutral spaces! This geometric pattern is a particular favorite among our staff!

Our home offices are becoming a commonly used space like never before – and selecting the right desk lamp that is both functional and pretty is important. Well the staff are in agreement that this lamp is a gorgeous choice, we can’t seem to agree on which is better: green, pink, yellow or black! Fortunately, it comes in all four colors so you can pick your favorite to! (PS: If you missed last week’s post: our Associate Design Editor is a fan of the Yellow and included it in her home office design board!)

One of our senior staff members recently welcomed her first grandson so naturally, her pick for this month was this adorable, cuddly elephant cushion that would look amazing in any nursery!

As we welcome spring, we’re looking forward to fresh cut flowers and potted plants both indoors and out! These stylish vases and plant pots are at the top of our list this month!

And last, but very definitely not least – Spring means summer is coming, and that means long, lazy summer afternoons spent soaking up the fresh air! What better place to do just that then this amazing, bohemian-style 2 person hammock?

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