Are you tired of your fur baby shedding all over your home?

Does your pet hate being brushed? Help is on its way! This gentle de-shedding pet massager is the perfect solution!

Your fur baby will love being brushed, keeping their fur healthy and soft. Make no mistake, this de-shedding glove will be your pet’s favorite activity.

✔ Love your pet but hate dealing with shedding? The perfectly placed grooming nubs mimic the touch of your hands for a natural de-shedding massaging movement.

✔ Turn your pet’s most hated activity into their favorites! Give your fur baby a gentle massage while brushing out tangles and transforming their fur into a soft glowing healthy coat.

✔ Keep you and your pets healthy! Eliminating pet hair around your home improves your health and brushing out excess hair improves your pet’s skin and fur softness.


✔ Use it wet or dry! This pet de-shedder is very versatile and works with virtually any type of pet hair. It can also be used while giving your pet a bath!!

✔ Easy to clean! Once you are done with de-shedding your pet, you can wash your pet massaging de-shedding glove by throwing it in the washing machine.

✔ Get to hard to reach areas. With each finger separated instead of a “glove unit,” you are able to get to hard to reach areas and thoroughly clean your pet. You can also give them a little tickle to make it amusing for them.

✔ Your pet will love the this Deshedding Glove. It mimics the touch of your hand during a massage, making your pet feeling loved and includes 180 soft, silicone tips to groom with ease at the same time.

✔ The hair sticks right to the glove, making it super easy to throw away your pets hair. Our glove makes it easy to keep your house clean.

This grooming glove is one of the best pet hair remover for all sizes and breeds. Easily contours to reach all the places hair hides like behind their legs, under their chest, in their tails, and around their face. And when you’re done, simply pull the hair off and throw it in the trash.


Suitable for: Dogs, cats, monkeys and any other pets.
Main Color: Blue+Black
Size: Diameter about 6CM, Length about 7.5CM

Additional information

Weight0.0 lbs

7 reviews for FLASH SALE 50% OFF! Pet Massaging De-Shedding Glove

  1. Karen

    I didn’t think these gloves would work but to my surprise they do! So much extra hair came off by using them…

  2. Mia W.

    Have a house house full of cats and these gloves work wonders! When I’ve used a brush on them, they try and bite the brush and try to play so it makes it hard to brush them. The glove works great to help with their shedding and the cats like it too.

  3. Jennifer

    These gloves are amazing!! It removes so much excess fur that it’s shocking! My cats love it and I no longer find as many fur ball vomits waiting on the carpet anymore.

  4. Lauren

    First time ordering and I was impressed with how prompt they were when I had a problem with my order! I received the wrong glove color and reached out to let them know. They were super quick to resolve the problem and shipped out a new glove right away! They were really pleasant and went out their way to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I’ll be ordering again from them.

  5. Samantha

    I bought the glove and my cat loves being groomed with it. Highly recommend this product for anyone that has pets!

  6. Jackie R

    This is the first product that properly brushes our dog especially during shedding season! The glove is easy to use and our dog likes the massage while getting groomed

  7. Ken

    Works great!. His fur is thick and he’s in “doggy heaven” when I massage him with this wonderful glove!

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