Get the Wooden Chess Set Folding Magnetic Large Board With 34 Chess Pieces Interior For Storage Portable Travel Board Game when you order today! Limited quantity available. 



34 Chess Pieces Wooden Magnetic Chess Set


Material: Wooden

Package:34*Chess pieces and 1* chessboard

24-24 pieces Size:King 5.6cm,Queen 5.1cm, Bishop 4.7cm, Knight 3.7cm, Rook 3.5cm, Pawn 3cm

29-29 pieces Size:King 6.6cm,Queen 6cm, Bishop 5.1cm, Knight 4.2cm, Rook 3.8cm, Pawn 3.1cm

34-34 pieces Size:King 7.8cm,Queen 7.1cm, Bishop 5.7cm, Knight 4.6cm, Rook 4.2cm, Pawn 3.5cm

39-39 pieces Size:King 8cm,Queen 7.3cm, Bishop 6cm, Knight 5.3cm, Rook 4.5cm, Pawn 4.1cm

Why send two more queen chess??

Chess rules: when a pawn reaches the bottom line through advance, they can become one of the Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, but they can’t become king or remain the same. Once they upgrade, they will have the function of new chess pieces immediately. In most cases, when they reach the bottom line, they will upgrade to the Queen, because queens are the most powerful.


**Please allow 2-4 weeks for product to arrive**

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9 reviews for Wooden Chess Set with Folding/Magnetic Board

  1. Mark

    Excellent quality board. Pieces are made of real wood and are magnetic to make sure they stick to the board properly. Quick delivery. I recommend this product

  2. Mary

    It’s a good item i love it ! But the seller is a little bit awkward…

  3. Kara

    I took the size 29*29. Chess is good, they are not heavy, which will allow them to take with them. Do not rattle, as inside a soft case, for each figure. Processed and covered, nice to hold in your hands, Do Not Hook anything. The magnet is there, but do not expect that you turn the board and the figures will also remain on the ground) Chose the average size to play at home and carry with you conveniently.

  4. Vince

    Delivery took five days, a great game. Thank you very much

  5. Brad

    The chess board came in nicely bubbled wrapped. The magnets work and the finishing is great. Comes with two extra queens as well. The only thing was I had to wait over a month for it to arrive. Other than that effective communication from seller and great product.

  6. John

    Great reception, very well packaged nothing to complain about it remains only to play! I highly recommend the seller and the product.

  7. Anna

    The board arrived in very good condition, it took about 3 weeks to arrive but the quality is very good for the price, the measurements are correct, the pieces are well made and made and the attention to detail is optimal.

  8. Peter

    Great Chess! On each figure from below, a velvet sticker that would move it was soft;))

  9. Andrew

    Good quality and exactly as described.

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