Product Description

>Material: Plastic
>Package Includes:1pcs* Soilless cultivation planting box(1*Outer packaging,1*Host computer with 1*Aluminum telescopic rod,12*Planting baskets,12*Nursery blocks,1*Power Adapter.)


>Soil-less cultivation: no bacteria, no insects.

>Automatic water cycle pump.

>Adjustable lampshade: It can be freely adjusted according to the height of the plant.

>Two mold planting: Can grow vegetables and fruits or leafy plants.

>Large capacity: 4L large water capacity tank.

Planting method

>Place the seedling block in the planting basket and soak in water.

>Place the soaked planting basket on the planting cover.

>Soak the seeds in water for two hours in advance (different soaking time according to different seed characteristics).

>Put the seeds in a soaked seedling block with small tweezers.

>Fill the 4L water tank and add the prepared nutrient solution.

>Turn on the light board after the seedling has grown two leaves and adjust the light board to the lowest position.

>The water is refilled every 20 days after the seedling grows up. Unplug the silicone plug behind the planter to make the water leak.

>Pay attention to the water level. Add the nutrient solution once a week and keep the water tank full.

>Light board comes on automatically and stays on for 18 hrs every day.

AB nutrient solution package explanation

>Pour all the A bags into the A bottle and pour all the B bags into the B bottle.

>Fill the bottles with water and shake them thoroughly to dissolve the solution.

>Take 25 ml from the A nutrient solution, take 25 ml from the B nutrient solution, and pour it into 4L of water.

>Stir well and pour into the water tank.





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4 reviews for Intelligent Hydroponic Soilless Planting Box

  1. Denis


  2. Ava

    All automatic with a big water reservoir. It’s great. Thanks.

  3. Brenda

    Fantastic mini garden with high yields. I love it.

  4. Isabelle

    Easy to use for my indoor tomatoes. I got one for my Mom. She loves it too. Excellent.

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